"Practicing a thousand days is said to be a discipline, and practicing ten thousand days is said to be refining."

-Miyamoto Mussashi

Our Instructors


Pedro Perez


Shihan Pedro J. Perez began his martial arts training in 1960, starting with Shotokan Karate-do. He earned his first black belt in 1966. He continued training at the American Shotokan Kudokan Dojo under Sensei Hector Martinez, earning another black belt and ultimately receiving his 5th Dan. In 1970, he earned a black belt in American Goju. He then began training in Taekwondo and earned a black belt in 1975 from CK Kim in New York City.

From the mid-1970's through the 1980's Shihan Perez's martial arts journey allowed him to have the following opportunities to refine and share his passion for martial arts. He taught at the Shotokan Kudokan Dojo and at the same time founded the MugaMushinRyu Dojo on Rivington street of the Lower East side in New York City. He then taught karate at New York City's Pitt Street Boy's Club and was also the head instructor at the Jerome Mackey's Incorporated Karate/Judo Dojo in Stamford, Connecticut.

In 1983, Sensei Perez began training in Hakkoryu Jujitsu, under Sensei Paul Neuroth. He has continued his Jiujutsu training with Shihans Michael LaMonica and Douglas Woodall, earning a 4th Dan black belt. He continues to refine his Karate-do development and now trains with the highly regarded Shotokan stylist Sensei Carlos Medina of the Japan Karate Association, an internationally certified instructor, judge, and examiner, at his dojo in Bethlehem, New York.

In December of 2006, Shihan Perez earned another Shodan Black Belt and then in 2010 Nidan from Japan Karate Association - Shotokan Karate-Do International, Chief Instructor Mr. Masataka Mori, 9thDan.

In 2008, Shihan Perez studied directly under Nidai Soke Ryuho Okuyama and Dr. Akinori Murakami — Kaidan Shihan Sandaikichu, earning Shihan certification, soon thereafter founding and establishing his own dojo "WaRyuShin" in Albany, New York.

He has trained in Bo/staff and received special certification from Sensei Fumio Demura. Shihan Perez travels to Japan, where he trains at the Japan Karate Association and Hakkoryu Jiujutsu Hombus. Most recently, he studied directly under Sensei McCarthy.

Over the years, Shihan Perez has successfully competed in many tournaments winning his share of awards but is most proud of the following: 1st place kata at the 1974 CK Kim Rhode Island Invitational, beating out the legendary kata champion Goju specialist Sensei Chuck Merriman. In the early 1980's, he won a Gold medal for Kumite and Silver for Kata during the New York State Police Olympics.

Shihan Perez, during his nearly 30 year tenure with the New York State Police taught self-defense at the New York State Police Academy during basic training for recruit troopers. He was a member of the New York State Police's Mobile Response Team (NYSP-MRT), the State Police's elite special weapons and tactics unit. While a member of the NYSP-MRT, he was one of its primary self-defense instructors. As a member of the NYSP he rose through the ranks, becoming the first Latino to achieve Commissioned Officers ranks at every level of the agency. He retired as interim Superintendent of the New York State Police, holding the title of First Deputy Superintendent.